Valedictorian essays

We keep the wall between us as we go.

Valedictorian essays

Burden is 55 when her grandson arrives. This is the first time they see him, having moved to Nebraska ten years earlier.

Burden is a religious Protestant and a successful farmer, who becomes a deacon in the Baptist church when they move to town. Jake Marpole Farm hand from Virginia at the Burden place. Peter Krajiek Fellow countryman of the Shimerda family; allegedly helpful to them.

Otto Fuchs Farm hand from Austria at the Burden place. Lena Lingard Hired girl come from the countryside to work as a dressmaker in Black Hawk. Then she settles in San Francisco, bringing Lena to settle there as well. Peter and Pavel, Ole Benson, Mr.

Plot summary[ edit ] Orphaned Jim Burden rides the trains from Virginia to Black Hawk, Nebraska, where he will live with his paternal grandparents.

Jake, a farmhand from Virginia, rides with the year-old boy. On the same train, headed to the same destination, is the Shimerda family from Bohemia.

Jim lives with his grandparents in the home they have built, helping as he can with chores to ease the burden on the others. The sleeping quarters and parlor are at ground level.

The Shimerda family paid for a homestead which proves to have no home on it, just a cave in the earth, and not much of the land broken for cultivation. The two families are nearest neighbors to each other in a sparsely settled land. The two are friends from the start, helped by Mrs.

Shimerda asking that Jim teach both her daughters to read English. Burden in her kitchen when she visits, learning more about cooking and housekeeping. The first year is extremely difficult for the Shimerda family, without a proper house in the winter.

Shimerda comes to thank the Burdens for the Christmas gifts given to them, and has a peaceful day with them, sharing a meal and the parts of a Christian tradition that Protestant Mr.

Burden and Catholic Mr.

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He did not want to move from Bohemia, where he had a skilled trade, a home and friends with whom he could play his violin. His wife is sure life will be better for her children in America.

The pressures of the new life are too much for Mr. Shimerda, who kills himself before the winter is finished. The nearest Catholic priest is too far away for last rites.

He is buried without formal rites at the corner marker of their homestead, a place that is left alone when the territory is later marked out with section lines and roads.

The wood piled up to build their log cabin is made into a house. She is a girl full of life.Jun 29,  · Success, then, is a relative term; we may apply it to measure the quality of the change we engender, the lives we transform, and the relationships we build.

Valedictorian essays

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