The life and times of rodman edward serling

His knee troubled him for years.

The life and times of rodman edward serling

Serling stated in an interview with Marvel Comics Planet of the Apes magazinefirst published in August The King Brothers had a notion about doing the Pierre Boulle book as a nickle-and-dime picture. I was convinced that it could be done and at the time, as I recall, I did a whole treatment for them, a scene-by-scene breakdown of how we would lick the problem.

They ultimately discarded it because of the ape population.

Planet of the Apes

Boulle's book was not a parody, but rather a prolonged allegory about morality, more than it was a stunning science fiction piece.

But it contained within its structure a walloping science fiction idea. The King Brothers had Boulle's book about eight or ten years ago, and called me in then.

Jacobs became involved is not clear. A 'Final Production Information Guide' Jacobs used to promote his movie in claimed that he had purchased the movie rights "from the original French-language galley proofs prior to the novel's publication", [6] which would seem to contradict Serling's recollections.

Interviewed in DecemberJacobs said: I said, 'What I would like to find is something like 'King Kong'. I read it, and wasn't too fascinated. Then he said, 'Speaking of 'King Kong', I've got a thing here, and it's so far out, I don't think you can make it. Arthur read it and was immediately struck by it, called Richard Zanuckwho was, I believe, in London at the time.

Arthur called him from Paris and gave him a kind of two-sentence description on the phone, and Zanuck said, 'I'll buy it for you'. And he did, he [optioned the rights] for Arthur. Zanuck was so intrigued with this thirty-second synopsis on the phone that he never really stopped to consider the problem of actually turning the book into a film.

Lee Thompson and I have acquired the rights to make this film You are, of course, the first actor to whom this property has been submitted, and Lee and I feel you will share our enthusiasm for what we think can be one of the most exciting films ever made As the book is coming out shortly, we want to effect an immediate distribution arrangement, so if you have any interest whatsoever, I would greatly appreciate if you would cable me.

They also aimed for 'Bond girl' Ursula Andress, or some other "fantastic beauty", for the role of the beautiful but mute human female Novaand wanted a release in Spring or early Summer of United Artists' vice president David V.

Picker reportedly lobbied for the company to finance the movie but could not convince his fellow executives that it was a viable project. Lee Thompson's Orchard Productions over the advancement in late Soon afterwards, Jacobs secured director Blake Edwardsthen more popularly known for creating the TV series Peter Gunn and directing Breakfast at Tiffany'sand later for the Pink Panther films.

I was told by Blake to go, not to worry about money.Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror authors, with last names begining 'S', over hotlinks, Pseudonyms and Notes without Links; total Links/Names.

Nova was a beautiful (and ultimately tragic) primitive and mute human girl, who became the companion and love interest of George Taylor, an astronaut stranded in a .

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The life and times of rodman edward serling

I put this one in the Game Show Catalog, since it has a panel of judges and features Gong Show is an amateur talent contest franchised by Sony Pictures Television to .

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