Summary of ra 8504

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Summary of ra 8504

Tenth Congress Republic Act No.

Summary of ra 8504

Such campaigns shall promote value formation and employ scientifically proven approaches, focus on the family as a basic social unit, and be carried out in all schools and training centers, workplaces, and communities. An identifying number or symbol is used to substitute for the name and allows the laboratory conducting the test and the person on whom the test is conducted to match the test results with the identifying number or symbol.

Provided, further, That it shall not be used as an excuse to propagate birth control or the sale or distribution of birth control devices: Provided, finally, That it does not utilize sexually explicit materials.

Flexibility in the formulation and adoption of appropriate course content, scope, and methodology in each educational level or group shall be allowed after consultations with Parent-Teachers-Community Associations, Private School Associations, school officials, and other interest groups.

As such, no instruction shall be offered to minors without adequate prior consultation with parents who must agree to the thrust and content of the instruction materials. The training or health workers shall include discussions on HIV-related ethical issues such as confidentiality, informed consent and the duty to provide treatment.

Information campaign for tourists and transients. The provincial governor, city or municipal mayor and the barangay captain shall coordinate such campaign among concerned government agencies, non-government organizations and church-based groups.

Such information shall be legibly printed in English and Filipino, and contain literature on the proper use of the prophylactic device or agent, its efficacy against HIV and STD infection, as well as the importance of sexual abstinence and mutual fidelity.

Summary of ra 8504

Penalties for misleading information. Requirement on the donation of blood, tissue, or organ. A second testing may be demanded as a matter of right by the blood, tissue, or organ recipient or his immediate relatives before transfusion or transplant, except during emergency cases: Provided, That donations of blood, tissue, or organ testing positive for HIV may be accepted for research purposes only, and subject to strict sanitary disposal requirements.

Guidelines on surgical and similar procedures. The DOH shall likewise issue guidelines on the handling and disposition of cadavers, body fluids or wastes of persons known or believed to be HIV-positive. The necessary protective equipment such as gloves, goggles and gowns, shall be made available to all physicians and health care providers and similarly exposed personnel at all times.


Penalties for unsafe practices and procedures. The permit or license of any business entity and the accreditation of hospitals, laboratory, or clinics may be cancelled or withdrawn if said establishments fail to maintain such safe practices and procedures as may be required by the guidelines to be formulated in compliance with Sec.

Consent as a requisite for HIV testing. However, the State shall encourage voluntary testing for individuals with a high risk for contracting HIV: Provided, That written informed consent must first be obtained. Lawful consent to HIV testing of a donated human body, organ, tissue, or blood shall be considered as having been given when: Prohibitions on compulsory HIV testing.

Exception to the prohibition on compulsory testing. Pre-test and post-test counselling. However, such counselling services must be provided only by persons who meet the standards set by the DOH. Livelihood programs and trainings.

Control of sexually transmitted diseases. Insurance for persons with HIV. The study shall be guided by the principle that access to health insurance is part of an individual's right to health and is the responsibility of the State and of society as a whole. Provided, That these do not run counter to the general purpose of this Act: Provided, further, That any information gathered shall remain confidential and classified, and can only be used for statistical and monitoring purposes and not as basis or qualification for any employment, school attendance, freedom of abode, or travel.

Exceptions to the mandate of confidentiality. Provided, That such treatment or care carry the risk of HIV transmission: Provided, further, That such workers shall be obliged to maintain the shared medical confidentiality; c when responding to a subpoena duces tecum and subpoena ad testificandum issued by a Court with jurisdiction over a legal proceeding where the main issue is the HIV status of an individual: Provided, That the confidential medical record shall be properly sealed by its lawful custodian after being double-checked for accuracy by the head of the office or department, hand delivered, and personally opened by the judge: Provided, further, That the judicial proceedings be held in executive session.

Penalties for violations of confidentiality. Disclosure to sexual partners. Discrimination in the workplace. Termination from work on the sole basis of actual, perceived or suspected HIV status is deemed unlawful. Restrictions on travel and habitation. Inhibition from public service.1. TA Report Header Description 2.


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Surface Coating - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. RA - The Philippine AIDS Law (This is a condensed version of the RA ) Article 1. The Government must promote education and information campaigns. Schools and non-formal education programs must include HIV education.

The DOH must conduct public health education campaigns. otherwise known as the “Organ Donation Act” and Republic Act No.

otherwise known as the “Revised Penal Code” or under Republic Act No. otherwise known as the “National Blood Services Act”. clinics. Support for HIV Testing Centers . (b) a person has executed a legacy in accordance with Sec. 3 of Republic Act No. , also known as the "Organ Donation Act of "; (c) a donation is executed in accordance with Sec.

4 of Republic Act No. Section Prohibitions on compulsory HIV testing.

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