Smart analysis of innocent smoothies

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Smart analysis of innocent smoothies

Is Belize City Dangerous? But in the world there are only a handful of things I know to be true, and this is one of them.

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Chetumal was rough but it was only preparing me for the trip farther South. How bad could it be?


Belize City is the dirty, dodgy, scammy city that everyone says it is. I stayed at the Belcove Inn and asked the women at reception about how safe the city was.

Smart analysis of innocent smoothies

So I picked up some dinner and beer and decided it would be a night in. I met a couple from Saskatoon who were on their way back home. So tender and spicy, it made staying in bearable. Confined to the patio facing the river, I met Dulio who I eventually realized was guarding the hostel.

He attributes the crime due to drugs and the fact that the US extradited any foreigner convicted of a drug crime. It meant the underbelly returned to Belize City and back to their old ways. Now, almost everyone in Belize has a close friend or family member who died due to drug related violence.

The next morning I ate breakfast next to the hotel and listened to two guys talk about the crime.

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There had been nearly 30 shooting deaths in 3 months. I finished breakfast and bought the first ticket to Caye Caulker.

I stand by sharing my experience on Belize City crime but in no way does it represent the entire country. Many people want to know if Belize is safe. Just like in any other country but crime in Belize City is prevalent.

He is from Belize and moved to Canada a few years ago. Working in tourism, I think he provides a really balanced view of the country and can provide really great recommendations.

I wrote the post 4 years ago.

Innocent Drinks SWOT Analysis

Yet, I would tell tourists to spend little time in Belize City.Oct 12,  · Innocent Smoothies purpose is to make healthy, % natural juices and this is their USP, which means there is value added to their products resulting a positive profit margin because they have adopted Porter’s strategy of ‘differentiation’.

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Daniela, it does take quite a volume of veggies so you will need more for two than this list. However a fridge can only hold so much and they may not stay fresh . SWOT analysis has been carried out to evaluate where the innocent smoothies is standing with respect to the market position.

It also helps innocent to analyze how strength can be used to exploit opportunities and how weaknesses can be overcome to avoid possible threats.

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