Physician assisted suicide term papers

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Physician assisted suicide term papers

Physician-Assisted Suicide Should be Legalized Abstract Reported cases of suicide because of terminal illnesses have been on the rise. At present, several terminal diseases plague our community.

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Key among these terminal diseases includes cancer and diabetes Appel, Adult patients have always considered the option of terminating their lives to avert the suffering that comes with the disease. Some of the methods used by patients in performing suicide are either personally initiated or physician-assisted suicides.

In all cases and laws according to most constitutions, it is against the law to terminate the life of a human being no matter the circumstances. Additionally, such conditions are extremely medically expensive to attend because they use sophisticated hospital equipment.

Thus, both family and the patient suffer financial and physical torment before the patient dies. In such cases, if a willing adult patient is convinced that early death will go a long way in averting these problems, then such a decision will be best implemented by a physician.

On the other hand, opponents of physician-assisted suicide argue that the constitution recognizes the sanctity of life; therefore, no one has the right to end the life of another person.

They also argue that the times shared between the patient and family is treasured and cannot be taken away Buiting, The debate surrounding the legalization of physician-assisted suicide has been raging on for several decades now.

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This research paper analyses the meaning of physician-assisted suicide and its implications. It also looks into the practicality of the process and arguments supporting its legality.

This paper will prove that physician assisted suicide should be legalized to allow terminally ill patient manage their own fate. The paper has identified various arguments that can be used to legalize physician-assisted suicide including preservation of life, legal stances in support of physician-assisted suicide, honesty for proper legislation and utilitarian argument.

In addition, the paper advocates for dignity in death and autonomy of the patient to engage in physician-assisted suicide. Definition of Physician- Assisted Suicide Physician-assisted suicide PAS is a case in which a qualified medical practitioner provides a competent terminally ill patient with a lethal dose of medication under the directive of the patient.

Physician-assisted suicide is not a new trend in the United States; sufferings have always been present since the inception of medicine. Appel affirms that 57 percent of medical practitioners have received patient requests to engage in assisted life-ending acts.

Legalization of physician-assisted suicide is a contentious subject, even when applied in cases of terminal illness. Some medical experts argue that terminal diseases expose patients to long years of pain and suffering before they eventually die, which is not avertable Breitbart, Implicit in the term suicide, is that life has been prematurely ended due to desperation and hopelessness.

In general, the medical fraternity assumes that persons who exhibit suicidal characteristics have their decision-making capacity compromised. As a result, physicians have the ethical responsibility of providing life-sustaining medications and therapy Seale, However, professional organizations and other bodies have differed when it comes to terminally ill patient and the ethical concerns pertaining to assisted suicide.

Terminally ill patients exhibit normal character and are of sound mind when making such a life threatening decision Burg, Several states and countries have not been able to reach a final verdict on the issue While several states argue that any form of suicide is illegal, other nations such as Germany argue that every person has the right to end owns life and thus assisted suicide is considered legal Breitbart, Three states in the United States have legalized physician-assisted suicide.

They include the States of Oregon, Washington and Montana. The Act, referred to as Death with Dignity Act legalized the process of physician-assisted suicide, but under strict conditions.

Likewise, the state of Washington passed a similar Act legalizing physician-assisted dying with the same strict conditions. However, in the case of Montana, a Supreme Court ruling provided a precedence that allows physician-assisted dying.

The first condition is that the patient should be mentally eligible to make such a decision. Secondly, the patient must be prescribed with a terminally ill condition resulting in a life expectancy of six months or less.

Such a patient must also provide the request for terminating own life in writing for the physician. Finally, the patient should also be a resident of the said state and of adult age, 18 years and above Breitbart, Physicians have the responsibility of ascertaining that the patient appreciates those relevant facts after the physician explains all the relevant aspects of the procedure.

Such facts should include the medical diagnosis and prognosis of the condition of the patient. The patient should also understand the risk of the taking medication due to terminal illness.

Physicians are also expected to explain to the patient other alternative means of care such as comfort care, hospice care and other pain relieving medications.

After all these, the Act allows the patient to make the ultimate decision about the direction to take Hayden, All these acts are quite clear and precise in terms of all the steps necessary before any assisted suicide is performed.Physician-assisted suicide occurs when a physician provides a patient with the medical means and/ or the medical knowledge to commit suicide ("Module 5: Physician-assisted,").

For example, the physician could provide sleeping pills and information about the lethal dose, while aware that the patient is contemplating suicide. The paper has identified various arguments that can be used to legalize physician-assisted suicide including preservation of life, legal stances in support of physician-assisted suicide, honesty for proper legislation and utilitarian argument.

Physician Assisted Suicide Research Papers Physician Assisted Suicide research papers discuss the ethical problems that occur with the issue of physician assisted suicide.

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Physician assisted Suicide research papers look at the medical health topic . Physician Assisted Suicide, Is it Right or Wrong SOC May 9, Physician Assisted Suicide, Is it Right or Wrong?

The ethical issues of physician-assisted suicide (PAS) are both emotional and controversial, as it ranks right up there with abortion. Some argue (PAS) is ethically permissible for. Physician-assisted suicide is defined as the practice where a physician provides a patient with a lethal dose of medication, upon the patient's request, which the patient desires to use to end his or her life.

- Physician assisted suicide Physician assisted suicide, a suicide made possible by a physician providing a patient with the means to kill themselves, and euthanasia, the kindness of taking individual life by the physician, is an extremely debatable topic.

Physician assisted suicide term papers
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