I want to be a chemist

About Analytical Chemist August 17th, Analytical chemists study substances at the atomic level and are typically hired to analyze drugs and pharmaceuticals, raw materials, and bulk liquids.

I want to be a chemist

What is a chemist? A person who studys and practices science and chemistry. Th…ey search for new information about materials and look for ways.

They apply scientific principles and techniques using specialized instruments to measure, identify, and evaluate changes in matter. Hollywood would have you believe that chemists sit in their labs in their white coats amid a collection of bubbling and fuming beakers, flasks and retorts, producing new compo…unds.

Is this what you should expect of your career as a chemist? Many chemists are, by choice, heavily involved in the synthesis of new materials. But even synthetic chemists spend much of their time outside the lab planning their experiments, learning what other chemists have done and are doingand even modeling their proposed reactions on the computer.

However, the career opportunities for a chemist are far more varied than is commonly perceived. For instance, many chemists work mostly as molecular detectives. Some environmental chemists work to determine what substances are present in an environmental sample and how they got there.

In toxicological studies, chemists work with medical personnel to answer similar questions about samples taken from the human body. Even in more ordinary industries, chemists working in quality control make constant analyses of products to determine whether a batch meets specifications and what went wrong in the plant if that batch failed the tests.

Some chemists never go into the laboratory at all. In the last twenty years, a whole new branch of chemistry call computational chemistry has been developed to analyze potential new products using modeling software. In drug companies especially, such chemists winnow down a large number of possible molecules and synthetic pathways to just a few and predict the properties of a new drug without ever synthesizing it in the laboratory.

Only then are synthetic chemists assigned to explore the most promising approaches in the laboratory. Ambitious employees with a solid chemistry background are highly valued in industry--and not just by chemical companies.

Some who start "at the bench" soon move into other areas of the company, like marketing and management. Some will even choose to start their careers closer to the customer. Major chemical and drug companies seek out bachelor chemists for their sales teams.

Upper management of all technologically oriented companies are filled with chemists and other scientists who have the proper backgrounds to understand the business at all levels. The chemistry degree is an excellent starting point for other careers as well.

It is one of the preferred majors for admission to medical, dental or similar professional schools. Many chemists including all your professors choose to pursue additional training at the graduate level.

However, chemistry students have many other options than chemistry at the graduate level. A good chemistry major will be accepted for graduate work in materials science, in toxicology, in molecular biology and in many chemical engineering programs. Chemists often pursue graduate degrees in business as well.

A substantial number of chemistry majors choose to enroll in law school after graduation.

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Patent law, environmental law and occupational health and safety law all require the background that only a technical degree like chemistry can provide. Attorneys practicing corporate law for technologically sophisticated companies have a distinct advantage if they also have a suitable technological background.

What does an industrial chemist do Find and hire chemists from all around the world, in minutes! Do you have extra work that a freelance chemist could help you with?
9 Analytical Chemist Interview Questions | MockQuestions Antoine Lavoisier —94 is considered the " Father of Modern Chemistry ". The roots of chemistry can be traced to the phenomenon of burning.
Retta was a chemist before she went Hollywood Other duties listed on a QC Chemist resume include using testing equipment, doing paperwork, and making sure hazardous materials are handled properly. Based on our most successful resume examples, these professionals should demonstrate chemistry expertise, lab skills, effective communication, organizational skills, and computer competencies.
'Robot chemist' could use AI to speed up medical breakthroughs Chemist Confessions is an Instagram account with nearly 12, followers, dedicated to decoding beauty BS. The duo, Gloria and Victoria, who are both skin care chemists, decode product labels, provide unbiased reviews, explain the science behind different ingredients in skin care, and more with cute little graphics included!

Your degree is chemistry is only the starting point for your career. It opens more windows and provides more opportunities than most people would think. The chemistry programs at Lawrence Tech are designed with the flexibility you need to prepare yourself for any of these and other careers.You Be The Chemist Challenge The Challenge is a competition and program that celebrates and elevates the science of chemistry to inspire on-going study and careers.

Program Overview. but a chemical engineering doesn't really even deal with chemistry as you would probably like it to (considering that you want to be a chemist). If you were to go into any engineering, you'd probably like Material Science & Engineering.

Oct 28,  · Well that depends on what you want to get, and what college that you go to. e.g If you go to a traditional college you have to go for four years to get your bachelorete degree and you have to keep on going to school depending on what type of degree you ashio-midori.com: Resolved.

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I want to be a chemist
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