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Hayes flower model writing activities

The author would like to than This paper uses discourse analysis to examine a television ad for Xenical, a pharmaceutical weight loss product promoted as a treatment for obesity.

Language and the ways in which language produces meaning are the traditional areas of focus for discourse analysis. As a research approach, discourse analysis exposes or deconstructs the social practices that constitute the conventional meaning structures of social life. Importantly then, discourse analysis examines the ways in which human beings convey information, making the study of advertising a particularly relevant application.

Ads are derived from social processes and shared resources and despite the ephemeral nature of advertising, ads are extremely influential in our everyday culture. While discourse analysis often seems to privilege language, important and unique research contributions provided by this paper include the analysis of visual and aural material within the context of a television ad.

Possible implications as well as potential difficulties in analysing televisual communications are also discussed. Association for Consumer Research. Discourse analysis incorporates aspects of semiotics and poststructuralism as a means of investigating meaning and significance ;. But while postmodernism emphasises contingency, uncertainty and ambiguity in contrast to modernist notions of truth, progress and certaintythis can only be accomplished by rejecting the notion that language is capable of creating fixed meanings.

The structuring potential of language means that it is not a neutral-information carrying vehicleas implied by the transmission model of communication. Instead, language can be likened to a toolbox where discourse becomes a phenomenon or activity, and discourses are forms of social action where language is constructive and constitutive of social life.

Discourses refer to the set of meanings, words, metaphors, representations, idioms, images, rhetorical devices, descriptions, stories, statements and so on that in some way come together to produce a particular version of events or perform particular actions.

hayes flower model writing activities

Parker expounds on this view by suggesting that: There are fuzzy borders between the set of things we know exist outside discourse and the things which have a reality only within it. As is the case for semiotics, where there is considerable divergence about essential issuesthere are also many debates and varying perspectives within discourse analysis.

Rather than attempt to address such matters here, readers are directed to ; and. Such an approach assumes that linguistic material has an action orientation that is used to perform particular social functions.

The key task of the discourse analyst is to complete a close and careful inspection of the text in order to identify what these functions might be and how these functions are performed. Rather than focusing upon language variation, as suggested bythe form of discourse analysis suggested in this paper relies more upon an appreciation of language, or discourse, as a strategy that is used by people to purposefully create particular effects.

By examining language in use, discourse analysis searches for particular patterns, trying to find out how communication is constructed and what it achieves, in effect, searching for particular constructions of the world that the material may advocate.

Because language is constitutive and situated, it becomes the site where meanings are created and possibly changed. Discourse Analysis and Advertising The study of advertising as discourse is not new.

However, while there are numerous examples of advertising as discourse, there are far fewer examples of advertising as a subject for discourse analysis. Indeed suggests that very few discourse analytic studies have been applied to marketing phenomena at all.

Some studies of advertising using discourse analysis have been reported, including ; ; and. However, the important contribution of the current study is the application of discourse analysis to a television ad.

So although also applied discourse analysis within the context of a television ad, the current study is unique in that it emphasises the combining effect of the pictorial and aural discourses as texts that weave together to convey meaning.

Importantly, discourse analysis is concerned with the examination of meaning and the complex processes through which social meanings are produced. To date, the study of discourse has been fundamentally language-oriented, and mainly confined to speech and writing.

As a result, discourse analysis has been largely insensitive to visual codings and representations, but as suggest, this does not mean that visual images cannot be seen in terms of discourse.

If advertising is to be seen as a type of discourse and ads are to be analysed as discourses, then it is important for advertising imagery to be incorporated into such an analysis.

As suggests, an analysis of the content of ads involves looking at both the verbal and visual aspects of an advertising text. Visual imagery in advertising, suggestis a necessary, meaningful, and culturally embedded characteristic of contemporary marketing communication. Images within advertising fused with discourses of art demonstrate how advertising has appropriated the techniques, ideas, and even personnel from art forms that include photography, cinema, pop music, comic strips and television programmes.

See for example and. At their best, they use language brilliantly, they are dramatic, they employ the most sophisticated techniques of lighting and editing, they have wonderful actors who use body language and facial expressions to get their message across, and they often cost enormous amounts of money, relatively speaking, to produce.

The vast majority of studies involving images and visual aspects in advertising have focused on print advertising, probably because in terms of representation, print ads are easily reproduced to simulate the original and intended appearance exceptions might include size, positioning and glossy colour reduced to black and white.In today’s age, businesses are withstanding immense adversity to turn nimble and agile.

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IN ENGLISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE A Corpus-Based Study of Processes and Products Horvath Jozsef Lingua Franca Csoport ADVANCED WRITING IN ENGLISH. Effective writing skills are considered to be indispensable to participate in contemporary society.

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