Beekeeping business plan workbook

Books Creating A Beekeeping Business Plan Here are some factors to consider if you are drawing up a beekeeping business plan, whether you wish to become a honey producer, or are wanting to offer a variety of products and services related to beekeeping, honey bees and hives. On the one hand, you may be able to earn a living from keeping bees, but like all businesses, there are potential pitfalls. At the bottom of this page, you'll find a PDF business plant template you can adapt and use for your own purposes.

Beekeeping business plan workbook

Bee keeping, bee farmingBusiness type: Animal Husbandry and agriculture related Most suitable for: How to start a commercial beekeeping business?

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When I thought of adding honey bee farming business plan on my blog, I thought it would be the simplest business plan, but it turned out to be a very systematic business with a lot of processes and challenges. I still added this post in my blog for its commercial success rate and the fun it includes.

These three factors make starting a bee farming business a clever move for any countryside farmers. In India, rupees is a decent investment for a commercial bee keeper. A box can produce nearly 50kg of honey every year.

The current price of raw honey is rupees in India. So, a person with 40 box setup can earn nearly rupees per year just from selling honey. Many honey bee keepers in countries like the US earn more for renting their boxes weekly to other farmlands than selling honey.

beekeeping business plan workbook

This can be done in India too. Most of the farmers growing sunflower, almonds, mango, or any other nectar flower-bearing plants become beekeepers to increase their yield and to gain some extra profit from selling honey and beeswax.

Most people rent their boxes for money to other farmers in the flowering seasons. Requirements to start honey bee farming business — The first thing to worry about is a place where you can keep your bee boxes. The place must have adequate sunlight and a shelter during the rainy season.

It should not be a problem for other people living around you. The most common and convenient way is to buy packages. A bee box bearing 10 hives can cost you rupees or so. Other things are the frames, trays to use while uncapping the frames, the bee protection suit if neededfood and water for your bees.

Now you are good to go. All you need is to get some training from an experienced beekeeper if you yourself have never owned bees before and regular learning is always recommended. But, How do I make money? There are mainly 3 ways of making money through honey bee farming.

Some of the beekeepers sell the honey with their own brand name directly to the customers, others just sell the raw honey to the established marketers for an allotted price. An average beekeeper with systematically arranged 40 boxes can earn nearly rupees as a net profit per year.

Your initial investment for frames where bees build their comb needs wax, after some time the bees themselves form some more beeswax. So, at the end, you are left with a lot of wax after extracting honey which you can sell for recycling.

In order to increase the yield, farmers give money to beekeepers for setting up a bee hive on their farm.


Other than that honey bee farming can be a fun business because of the risk it contains. You never know when you are going to get stung by the bees. So, if you are planning to start a bee farming business, then get ready for both the bee and the honey.

It's only fair to shareBeekeeping Business Plan Workbook Produced by: Susan M. Daily, C.P.A. Sue Kohler, Ph.D Business Counselor Associate Director Small Business Development Center Dunn-Richmond Economic Development Center Southern Illinois University Carbondale Southern Illinois University Carbondale Stu Jacobson, Ph.D.

Joshua Buchheit, M.S. Starting a Beekeeping Farm – Sample Business Plan Template Bees are ideally kept in areas full of nectar-producing plants (clover, and other meadow flower varieties). You can be certain of your beekeeping business success if you know and understand your bees and their needs, especially with what they can tolerate from you.

This business plan workbook is intended for those who are interested in beekeeping as a means of providing income. This includes those who are currently hobby beekeepers as well as those who do not yet keep bees, but wish to learn more about the business aspects of beekeeping.

Preparing a Business Plan: Beekeepr Example (PDF) Province of British COlumbia, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food While this is an older publication (), it does provide an early example of a business plan for a beekeeping operation. Introduction to Beekeeping Economics The goal of Beekeeping Economics is to have you develop a 3-year business plan for a beekeeping business.

beekeeping business plan workbook

To start the business, you need money in . Jul 28,  · This workbook could be used for a number of businesses in addition to professional beekeeping. Is it legit to copy and use it? Reply.

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