Australian minimum wage rates

January 14, at Hi, Im with the same company for 5 years and on minimum wage of per hr, As im a qualified carpenter joiner with 25 years experience is this legal?

Australian minimum wage rates

List of minimum wages in Canada Under the Canadian Constitution 's federal-provincial division of powersthe responsibility for enacting and enforcing labour laws rests with the ten provinces ; the three territories also were granted this power by virtue of federal legislation.

This means that each province and territory has its own minimum wage. The federal government could theoretically set its own minimum wage rates for workers in federal jurisdiction industries interprovincial railwaysfor example. As of however, the federal minimum wage is defined to be the general adult minimum wage rate of the province or territory where the work is performed.

People's Republic of China[ edit ] Main article: The Regulations on Enterprises Minimum Wage [27] was made to "ensure the basic needs of the worker and his family, to help improve workers' performance and to promote fair competition between enterprises. Provincesmunicipalitiesand autonomous regions are allowed to legislate for their own minimum wage separate from the national one.

European Union[ edit ] In the European Union 18 out of 27 member states currently have national minimum wages. The SMIG, which established one baseline hourly wage rate for the Paris region and one for the rest of the country, was indexed to price inflation but rose slower than average wages.

It was replaced by SMIC - salaire minimum de croissance inwhich remains the basis of the modern minimum wage law in France. The minimum wage in France is updated every year in January by the government.

Australian minimum wage rates

By law, the increase cannot be lower than the inflation for the current year. The German minimum wage level will be updated every other year by a minimum wage commission and acceptance by the government. Since a legal minimum wage law is a derogation of the constitutional right of a collective tariff autonomy, it is discussed whether and to what extent the minimum wage is consistent with the constitution.

This is subject to reduction as follows: Industrial minimum wages apply for certain industries and usually set higher than the regional minimum.

Recommendations are made by the Minimum Wage Council. Before that, it applied to workers aged 20 and older. As at 1 April[51] the current minimum wage rates in New Zealand are:The National Minimum Wage Order replaces the National Minimum Wage Order The National Minimum Wage Order [PR] set the wages listed below for employees not covered by an enterprise agreement or a modern award.

For one thing, even though we do not know where the limit is, it seems likely that there will be a minimum wage level — or a pace of increase — that will prove too high or too fast for. Australia Minimum Weekly Wage | Data exchange rates, government bond yields, stock indexes and commodity prices.

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Australian minimum wage rates

It allows API clients to download millions of rows of. The Minimum Wage in Ireland was last increased on January 1st to € per hour. This change to the minimum wage worked out as an increase of % on the old rate of € per hour..

The minimum wage for an experienced adult worker has increased overall by % since – when the minimum wage was € per hour. Minimum wages You can calculate minimum pay rates, penalties and allowances under an award using our Pay Pay Calculator can help you find your award if you're not sure.

National Minimum Wage Order The National Minimum Wage Order replaces the National Minimum Wage Order The National Minimum Wage Order [PR] set the wages listed below for employees not covered by an enterprise agreement or a modern award.. The order comes into operation on 1 July and takes effect in relation to a particular employee from the start of the .

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