A study of the asian literature

It covers additional costs that are not included in your tuition fee such as expenses for accommodation and study materials.

A study of the asian literature

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A study of the asian literature

Be sure to discuss your plans for graduate school with the Director of Asian Studies, your language professors, and other Asian Studies faculty.

Many of the universities in the UC system have programs in East Asian or Chinese studies at the graduate level; prospective students should look at schools throughout the system. The program centers on interdisciplinary study of Japanese and Asian history, literature, material culture, and other cultural studies topics, through coursework conducted in English.

Areas of particular faculty and program strength include Japanese military history and samurai culture, political and intellectual history, and the history and culture of performing arts.

Students with the requisite language ability will also have the option of taking classes in Japanese, but will not be required to do so. Japanese language study at all levels is supported, and strongly encouraged, but not required.

Even students in early stages of Japanese language training will therefore be able to develop an in-depth understanding of Japanese and Asian history and culture, while living and studying in Japan. Saitama University is a national university offering undergraduate and graduate programs to just under students.

Housing is available on campus in our very comfortable International House dormitory, or off campus in a wide range of apartments. The university will sponsor students who need guarantors for housing contracts.

For faculty profiles, course lists, and other details concerning the program and the application process, please see:The study of the massive amount of Asian literature as a whole requires the aggregation of literature under specific headings.

Asian literature can be divided into a host of different labels, categorized according to religion, zone, region, ethnic group, literary genre, historical perspective or .

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Minor Concentration East Asian Language and Literature (18 Credits). The area of history and the social sciences comprises those disciplines by which we read the stories of political, psychological, and societal ashio-midori.coms in economics investigate globalization, the interaction of growth and social policy, and the glories and inequalities of capitalism.

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