A poets response to place is rarely purely descriptive essay

This is undoubtedly one reason why modern composers like Samuel Barber and Aaron Copland have set her poems to music and why the dancer Martha Graham choreographed them as a ballet. Knowing other stylistic characteristics may help you read her poetry: She uses the dash to emphasize, to indicate a missing word or words, or to replace a comma or period. She changes the function or part of speech of a word; adjectives and verbs may be used as nouns; for example, in "We talk in careless--and in loss," careless is an adjective used as a noun.

A poets response to place is rarely purely descriptive essay

For example, if a poet is describing the Grand Canyon, the depiction of the landscape itself should dominate the poem, and not what the landscape made her feel, which is a secondary focus.

In a really descriptive poem, the personal element is not as essential as the depiction of the landscape itself—the dominant and central focus of the poem.

Poets write about mundane experiences in life, such as their subway commute, grocery shopping, daily routine and other observations. At the same time, they can choose unforgettable events or moments in life as far as their description focuses on the events or moments rather than on how these events or moments made them feel.

For instance, when a poet describes the Grand Canyon, she can focus on the Colorado River, all the visitors, the mule ride, the size of the park and the geological wonders.

Setting of the Poem The setting of the poem works similarly to the introduction of an essay: The setting is rural and domestic, all of which give the sense of unhurried life, peace and tranquility.

Body of the Poem Once a poet has established the topic and setting of the poem, she will work on the body of the poem, using sensory descriptions: Each word or even a comma you choose is an integral part of the poem and its function is to enhance the overall theme of the poem.

Thus a poet must make denotative word choices. To find exact word, a poet must revise and edit her poem as often as possible. By using such unadorned words, the speaker makes the reader feel as if she is there looking at the red wheelbarrow herself.

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Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article.In an essay, titled "On Becoming a Poet," that appeared simultaneously in The Weather of Words, a collection of his writings on poetry and poetics, the world within was rarely in sync with the world without.

in Mark Strand and the Poet's Place in Contemporary Culture, his excellent book examining Strand's poetry and prose, declares. Romantic Poets and Their Response to Nature Consider how the romantic poets have responded to the subject of nature with close references to at least three poems studied.

Consider how the romantic poets have responded to the subject of nature with close references .

A poets response to place is rarely purely descriptive essay

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First of all, make an inventory of what you can see, smell, hear and touch.

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This first list should be purely objective, using words that simply state what the objects are, and what sense(s) they engage (put each sensory category on a separate piece of paper). A descriptive poem deals with a person, place or architecture; however, instead of focusing on the felt-emotion of the observer, its main purpose is to describe these subject matters as its primary goal.

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